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Hacking the Promise NS4600

A couple of weeks ago, I bought myself a Promise NS4600 to replace my old Promise NS4300n NAS. These Promise devices are not particularly special but are cost effective and the new one performs well. As you might expect, both the old and news ones run Linux, but Promise do not allow direct access. Some people found ways in to the NS4300n and even worked out how the plugin format worked so you can extend its functionality fairly cleanly. Initial work had been done on the NS4600 but no one had documented the new plugin format or produced any plugins. So, I took it upon myself to do exactly that – I put together a guide and have linked to my initial plugins from there.

The NS4600 is pretty neat because it’s actually x86 compatible – it uses an Intel EP80579 SoC with a Pentium M core; it’s not a common sight (we’re drowning in high-end Atom based NASs) so the novelty is neat and being able to compile and run code easily is a plus.

The guide is here.


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