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n800 MMC 4/SDHC enabled kernel

Alright then. As promised earlier, I’ve got a pre-built replacement kernel for the n800 which adds support for MMC 4 and SDHC cards. I’ve been using this kernel for the last week, but I needed to find some time to make sure I’d included a self-consistent set of changes. My main concern was all the MMC/SD changes that went in between 2.6.18 and 2.6.19, but it turns out that Nokia have already backported this set into their kernel.

So, without further ado: go here to download the kernel and/or the patches to the Nokia source.

Building your own kernel is well documented at, so if you want to combine these patches with some other kernel tweaks, it’s easy to do so.

As mentioned before, some people have been having random reboot problems when just using the sdhc patch against the original Nokia source. I believe that this is because they are missing bug fixes that are included in my roll-up patch sets. I have not observed any reboots, so I’m pretty confident that that was the source of the problem.

If you try the patches out, do let me know what your experience is – the more testing and feedback we get, the sooner Nokia will be able to roll these into their official kernel.

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