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Updated kernel for maemo 3.2 (4.2007.26)

I managed to find a few minutes and put together the promised patch series for the latest n800 firmware. This series adds support for MMC 4.x wide-bus support and restores 48MHz highspeed support. I did some basic testing with my n800 and confirmed that transfer speeds are now back to what they were with my older patched kernels.

As I said previously, Nokia made deliberate decisions to exclude both of these features from the official kernel, so you might perhaps approach my kernel with some caution, but the older iterations worked well for most people, including myself. As always, if you break your n800, you get to keep both pieces. :-)

You can find the patches and the prebuilt kernel image here.

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  1. Milhouse | 22nd July 2007 at 13:20 | Permalink

    All looking good so far – good to have 48Mhz/wide back on my Transcend cards! :)

    “Read” performance looks comparable, if not slightly better, than your final set of patches for the 3.2007 kernel.

    Many thanks Phil!

  2. Matej Mihelic | 23rd July 2007 at 01:32 | Permalink


    Since you are the only one I’ve seen that has compiled and provided publicly the 4.2007.26 kernel for N800 I wanted to ask you if you could possible provide a kernel compiled with support also – besides the MMC patches – for the BNEP (bluetooth networking) and the MPPE (necessary for PPTP to work). BNEP can be compiled as a module whereas MPPE I believe must be included in the kernel.
    I personally do not have yet the environment to compile the kernel. Without Bluetooth PAN I cannot connect to the Internet using my mobile phone and without PPTP support most of VPNs I use are out of my reach. :(
    I am certain that other users could also use this features. I really don’t know why Nokia does not at least provide an option to download the omitted kernel modules like BNEP.KO.
    I apologise to troll since this blog entry since your contribution to the community is directed towards the MMC support. I definitely appreciate it.

    Best regards,

  3. justin | 23rd July 2007 at 08:32 | Permalink

    I’m very interested in checking out this kernel, but I need VPN support as well, and I’m using an outdated patched Kernel (from the last firmware). I’m not sure what bad effect it could have using this older kernel on the new firmware, but I’m doing it o.O.

    Any chance you could release this faster speed with VPN pptp support?

  4. Philip Langdale | 23rd July 2007 at 21:04 | Permalink

    I’m not sure I really have a time to maintain such an ‘uber’ kernel. I can quickly see such a project expanding to encompass other neat features like usb host support or nfs, and I think there will be a fair amount of time and effort involved.

    There are other people out there hosting kernels with other patch sets applied (including the ones you’ve mentioned). Perhaps one of them is in a position to incorporate the mmc patches.

    Of course, in an ideal world, Nokia would pull these patches into the official kernel :-)

  5. BarneyC | 25th September 2007 at 01:00 | Permalink


    Today a bugzilla response from Nokia…

    ——- Comment #103 from 2007-09-25 09:45 GMT 3 ——-
    It’s a kernel issue and it’s being fixed.

    Strange isn’t it – how quickly we all knew. Wonder why they didn’t just use your updates in the first place.

  6. James | 29th September 2007 at 11:37 | Permalink

    Hello! Thanks for your patched kernel :) I’m just curious (given the post above), does it include fixes that are going to be included in Nokia’s Oct 2 update? Or will you be looking at making another patched kernel available after they release it?


  7. Philip Langdale | 29th September 2007 at 11:40 | Permalink

    I hope the wide-bus patch goes in but I get the impression that 48MHz support will not. Nokia have done tests where it’s proved unreliable and TI won’t vouch for it – so I don’t blame them for disabling it.

    People who want to try their luck will still need to use my kernel. But lets’ see what we end up with.

  8. Cyberboy | 29th September 2007 at 21:20 | Permalink

    1/Is this a patch only for high-speed MMC(MMC Plus)card?
    not for high-speed SD Card?
    Can it speedup SD Card(hi-speed SD or SDHC exp.)?

    2/Is it a MMC/SD card slot or MMCPlus slot on N800?
    if it is a SD/MMC slot ,the MMCPlus card will work as a commom MMC,it can not get a max speed?Because MMCPlus card
    there is 4 more contacts.Then you needn’t buy a MMCPlus card.Is it right?
    Do you know what’s type of the two slots of the N800?
    guojg from China

  9. Philip Langdale | 30th September 2007 at 11:49 | Permalink


    1) The high-speed SD support is already in the Nokia kernel.

    2) It is an SD slot – so 9 pins and not 13. You won’t get 8bit MMC support. But the MMCplus cards can be used in 4bit mode like SD.

  10. Cyberboy | 1st October 2007 at 22:11 | Permalink

    I have bought a N800 ,The seller posted it to me from USA.
    When power on I find the brightness of the screen is not much symmetrical,the right side area(the width is about 1cm)
    is a little dark,Is’s very obvious when the background is white color,for example,when the machine is starting.
    It’s looks not too good.I want to know is it normal,All the N800 is the same?
    Or I should to change another new machine?
    thank you .I think you can help me.Thank you very much!

  11. Philip Langdale | 2nd October 2007 at 06:29 | Permalink

    You should check out this site: to talk about the tablet in general. But the problem you’re describing is one that’s happened to other people – if the seller didn’t warn you about it when you bought it, then it sounds like he tricked you.

  12. Cyberboy | 2nd October 2007 at 08:10 | Permalink

    It,s very kind of you to answer my question.Thank you.
    Today I find a newer firmware of N800 in the website,
    The version number:
    Software Edition 2007 version 4.2007.38-2 for Nokia N800 ”
    It is so fast ,great!
    Do you know anything change about the new firmware?
    Is it necessary to install your Hi-speed MMC card patch on the newer firmware?
    You are a superior about Linux,maybe you know ,I think.

  13. James | 2nd October 2007 at 08:22 | Permalink


    If you are using the latest OS version (released today Oct 2nd), then don’t flash it with this version of Philip’s kernel afterward. Nokia made some changes to fix a strange issue with some SD(HC) cards. Philip’s kernel is based on the previous release.

    Nokia will have to release the kernel source, and if Philip has time (pretty please :) ) he’ll have to look through it and make a new patched kernel. It’s worth sticking with Nokia’s new kernel for now though in case you have a card that would be effected by power issues.

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