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My work on the SD/MMC Linux subsystem

High Speed SD/MMC kernel for Diablo 5.2008.43

I’m rather behind the times, but I’ve now released a matching kernel for Diablo 5.2008.43 with the highspeed SD/MMC support. Make sure to update to 5.2008.43 before installing my kernel or the update will overwrite it. You can find my custom kernel, patches and instructions here.

High Speed SD/MMC kernel for Maemo 4.1 (Diablo)

I finally got some time to update my development tree to the new Diablo code and built a new kernel with my high-speed SD/MMC patch. Additionally, it will speed up access to the internal 2GB flash (eMMC) in the n810. For those with long memories, the Maemo bug which slows down card access when the […]

MMC Specification now available for free

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything, but I figure this is a good enough reason to do so. The SD specification has been available for quite a while now, but up until now, the MMC specification has had a $5000 price tag stuck to it. This has kept it out of […]

Finally got my N810

My N810 finally arrived yesterday, and after working out how to get the battery cover off, I got it up and running with the 48MHz kernel (The N800 and N810 use exactly the same kernel, so just use the one I already released here. I’m happy to report that the on-board eMMC is happy to […]

Slow memory card performance on N800 with OS2008

After I released my latest kernel with 48MHz support for accessing MMC and SD cards, a couple of readers noticed that the card performance was surprisingly low (around 4MB/s) which was way slower than I saw when I did testing way back when. Lucky, I kept those old results around and the fastest card I […]

Updated kernel for OS2008 (2.2008.50) release

Well, if I was slow with the last release, at least I can do better with this one. There was a new kernel update in this release but my patches applied fine and the resulting image checks out on n800. As before, I have no idea how well the high speed mode interacts with the […]

Updated kernel for OS2008 (1.2008.44)

Hi all, For some odd reason, I never hit publish on this. It’s since been overtaken by the release of the 2.2008-50 release which I’m currently trying to get my hands around. Expect an update shortly. I’ve finally got around to getting the Maemo 4.0 dev environment so I’ve now been able to build a […]

Updated N800 kernel for 4.2007.38

As my regular readers will be aware, Nokia released a bug fix kernel for the N800 last week that fixes a data corruption bug in the SD/MMC subsystem. They just released the source code for this new kernel build, so I’ve been able to take a look at what’s in it – and despite the […]

New N800 update with fix for MMC/SD corruption bug

Nokia have just released a new update of the N800 firmware with a fix for a MMC/SD corruption bug. This was discussed quite a bit in the comments to my last N800 post, so I know a lot of people are glad to see it sorted out. As soon as the new kernel source is […]

Use MMC cards with Ricoh R5C832 controllers!

Update: You do not need to use the setpci instructions in this article if your kernel is 2.6.25 or newer The Ricoh R5C832 is a multi-function chip that provides Firewire and four types of memory card support (SD/MMC/Memory Stick/xD). It appears in many laptops including the Dell XPS m1330 that I recently bought for myself. […]