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New N800 update with fix for MMC/SD corruption bug

Nokia have just released a new update of the N800 firmware with a fix for a MMC/SD corruption bug. This was discussed quite a bit in the comments to my last N800 post, so I know a lot of people are glad to see it sorted out. As soon as the new kernel source is released, I’ll check it out to see if any of the extra patches from my kernel have been incorporated. It’s definite that the 48MHz bus speed will not be in – Nokia have observed problems with it and TI (the chip manufacturer) don’t speak highly of it either. I’ll continue to offer it as it works fine or me and for others.

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  1. James | 3rd October 2007 at 08:17 | Permalink

    Excellent news :) I’m really looking forward to the new kernel. 48Mhz works fine with the four Kingston 8gb class 6 SDHC cards I’m using in a couple different N800 units. Makes me think that bus speed issues might be partially card/manufacturer related like the corruption bug.

  2. Cyberboy | 4th October 2007 at 07:04 | Permalink

    is The max speed of MMC/MMCPlus at 48MHz or 52MHz?why it’s 52MHz at SAMSUNG ‘s website?
    Looking forward to the new kernel for the new firmware.

  3. Philip Langdale | 4th October 2007 at 07:20 | Permalink

    MMCplus *cards* can run at up to 52MHz (and high speed SD can run at up to 50MHz). But the controller inside the N800 cannot run faster than 48Mhz.

  4. James | 9th October 2007 at 09:55 | Permalink

    Nokia has posted the source (and diff) to their updated kernel. Links are available at:

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