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Workstation 5 on SuSE 10. *sigh*

As Joe observes, the kernel module code that ships with ws 5.0 is not happy to work with the latest kernels including the one that ships with SuSE 10. The userland code is happy but you’d need to grab Petr’s drivers to get it to work. Joe did the right thing by trying to get a hold of the 5.5 beta because it works great with SuSE 10, as demonstrated by our internal testing and the experience of other beta testers. However, the website let us down and that really is inexcusable. At the Boston Summit, some people tried to grab the beta based on our nagging and ran into the exact same error; I ended up having to VPN in to our internal network and download the beta build directly and then scp it over to them. When I get into the office tomorrow, you can be sure I’ll be making a lot of noise about this. Sorry for the trouble; if people are still having trouble downloading the beta, please post a comment to this post.

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