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The new GWeather 770 interface

Haven’t posted an update in a while, and haven’t written about my gweather work in an even longer time. Over the last few weeks, as time allowed, I’ve been implementing a proper interface for gweather on the 770. For better or for worse, I’ve modelled it on the two-pane view used by the newsreader – a list of locations on the left and details about that location on the right. In the current design, the details are shown in the same three tab notebook view that regular gweather uses. I’m not fully convinced of the virtue of this design, but I don’t want pop-up dialogs and a web-style scrolling view seems to be less usable. I think I’ll have a better idea when I’ve fully implemented the widget (Right now I’ve only got the radar map and forecast working).

I’ve not put up the code for this yet as it’s not actually usable in practice – you can’t add or edit a location :-)

The new Weather UI

PS: Alex impractically (for the 770) suggested having an interactive map, but if we step back to the regular desktop, I think something like Google Maps with a weather overlay where you could click on any location to get the local weather report would be really neat. I have no idea if you could implement the overlay using the existing public API or whether it would require work at Google’s end. Someone should look into that. :-)

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