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GWeather for the 770!

So, I decided that I would take the opportunity presented by the thanksgiving weekend to start work on my port of GWeather to Maemo and the Nokia 770. And I’m pleased to announce that I’ve got something that you can actually run, even if it’s not particuarly usable right now.

It runs as a regular application (not as a home page applet yet) and provides the weather information about a single location. There are a lot of caveats that I’ve listed in the readme file, but it basically works, which is pretty neat.

The biggest problem is that the locations.xml file is 18mb in size which is a lot of space to take up and it also causes the preferences dialog to take about 30 seconds to appear because the file is being parsed. I’m not sure what would be a better format to use, but one is needed.

I’ve been writing the code with an eye to keeping it mergable back to gnome-applets, because most of it is unaffected. I think the refactoring should be healthy in general because it will make life easier when gnome-panel goes away. If there are any gnome-applets maintainers reading this, I’d like to hear their thoughts.

I’ve thrown up the source and deb and slackware packages here along with the readme.

Here’s a couple of screenshots: (I was too lazy to make thumbnails. Sorry)

Main window

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