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Unbounded growth

As some you may have been aware, this year’s XDevConf was held at the beginning of the month (and much thanks to Sun and Stuart Kreitman for putting it on!) and I was fortunate to be there for some of the talks and to give a small presentation of my own of the Virtual Multihead feature in the up coming VMware Workstation 6.0…

Virtual Xinerama

Have you ever wished you could test out ridiculously complex xinerama configurations, but didn’t have the hardware? Well, now you can.

vmmouse driver for Xorg is now open-source and in xorg cvs!

It’s been far too long in coming from our perspective but we finally put our minds towards it and cleaned up the code and made sure all the legal ducks were in order, and today I am proud to announce that we’ve finally committed the vmmouse driver to xorg cvs!