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GWeather-maemo 0.1

Another day, another update. And today there’s a new release as well. I made my planned second pass at refactoring that breaks out the prefs and gconf management into another library. By doing this, the homepage applet can now access the user’s prefs and selected location – making it actually useful. The applet now features a refresh button and clicking on the text will actually have the desired effect of launching and/or raising the full application. Turns out that you do indeed handle the “top_application” message by just presenting the HildonApp object.

I have turned off translations for the locations and gconf schema which shrinks the package down dramatically (over 90%) so you shouldn’t feel scared to install it now. :-)

I expect my next big step to be to stop trying to reuse the original gweather UI. It’s simply too big for the device. Now that I’ve refactored the useful backend stuff out, I can do this without worrying about having to rewrite that code. I also really want to sort this whole icon theme out and get the weather icons displaying.

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