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gphotofs 0.1

First off, I’d like to thank hub for letting me put gphotofs in gphoto cvs.

Second, I’ve rolled out a 0.1 release. There’s no big new feature, but it works quite a bit better than the previous one. You can still only read files and delete them but now deletes are not ridiculously slow and it won’t ignore errors from libgphoto2. So, all in all, it’s a very usable release.

But now, to the help bit: in their infinite wisdom, Canon have only partially implemented the Picture Transfer Protocol on my camera (and probably all of their cameras). This means that you can’t upload any files to it, which limits my abilitiy to implement write support into gphotofs. Mind you, with the disk backend that hub just checked in, it would be possible to do some developement on this feature without camera support as it appears to work with any mount point. Anyway, if anyone has a less crippled camera and wants to look at this, please do. As I alluded to yesterday, it will require a way to safely and efficiently implement the caching required to map incremental block writes to ‘atomic’ file uploads. Now that the source is in gphoto’s cvs, it’ll be a lot easier for other people to work with.

To make things more consistent, I’ve moved the release directory to my server here, but I hope that we can get them on the sourceforge page too.


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