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Jumping on the 770 bandwagon

Well, I think it’s time for me to join in the fun. My 770 showed up on monday, despite the complete lack of email from the fullfillment company; but I’ll take underpromise/overdeliver over the alternative any day :-)

I’ve been playing around with it over the last few days and it really is a joy; the screen is spectacular and I’m particularly impressed by the newsreader application. The only knock I can give it is that I’m seeing the same 802.11 instability that a few other people have reported; bluetooth pairing is solid, however. RealNitro has done some experiments with forwarding X applications to the 770 but to me it seems that it would be more rewarding to forward an entire X session running Maemo. That would take care of worries about things like virtual keyboard input and window management. Has anyone tried forwarding a session like this? I assume it’s probably a little tricky because you’d have to get all the networking set up without the X session running.

As for My First Project(tm), I’m currently planning to try porting gweather as a home page applet. This should be an interesting experience as home page applets are not covered in the tutorial, although Tommi says they are supposed to be in there. I haven’t looked through the examples yet, but hopefully there’s a relevant one. From what I understand of the existing applets, the actual applet itself is supposed to be very minimal, as it’s running inside the home page process, and that it should turn around and launch a regular application when activated. The clock seems to be a good example of this behaviour. I assume that some sort of libosss/dbus magic is going on in that process but I haven’t investigated yet.

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