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Packaging up a Virtual Machine

As Joe’s blog doesn’t do comments, I’ll have to reply this way :-)

Yes, we probably should have a FAQ somewhere that lists all the files you need to care about, but the reality is that tarring up the directory is good enough. It’s 2.8gb but almost all of that is stuff you want. The bits you can afford to skip are a few kilobytes at best. If you really want, I can put a list together – I don’t remember everything off the top of my head right now, but just grabbing the directory is your best bet.

If you want to copy a VM but discard all the snapshots, then you should first do a full clone of the VM and send the result to the other party. The full clone operation consolidates all the snapshot delta disks, and because it’s a full clone, there’s no dependency on the original VM.

As for the crash, if you read down through my blog, you’ll find the entry about the librsvg bug; guess what: you just hit it. But I was told this evening that the update *just* came out, so go run your SuSE update and get the fix.

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