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CrystalHD improvements

Hi all, It’s been a few weeks since I last posted, and I’ve accumulated a couple of useful CrystalHD improvements that I think are worth talking about. First off, my comprehensive interlaced detection algorithm is now merged to the main git tree, as are the changes I’m about to talk about, so there are now […]

CrystalHD support now merged in FFmpeg and MPlayer

I’m pleased to finally be able to announce that my CrystalHD support patches have been accepted into FFmpeg and MPlayer – if you grab the latest source from each of the projects, you’ll be good to go. As before, you’ll need the latest driver and userspace library from Jarod Wilson’s git tree. The driver that’s […]

Broadcom CrystalHD Decoder support for FFmpeg and MPlayer

At the end of last year, Broadcom released open-source drivers and a library for their CrystalHD hardware video decoder; You can read the details about that at Jarod Wilson’s blog if you’re interested. The hardware is particularly attractive because it’s low cost and can be added to any system, regardless of the GPU it uses. […]