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VMware Server

Christian and Alex both got there first, so I shouldn’t need to get into too much detail about the new VMware Server product. One thing I will comment about is co-existence with the Player. For this first beta, the player is not bundled, but we do intend to include it later on so that you don’t have to make a hard decision. 🙂

As Alex points out, we’re beginning to see a bunch of interesting VM images popping up and the Server release should accelerate that, as it will be possible to deploy appliance VMs in a sensible fashion (the Player is not well suited for this).

On a semi related note, I was very happy to see, though it’s not new news, that Syllable has a VMware video driver, presumably derived from the X11 one – that’s what we hoped to see when we published the drivers. And don’t forget about the mouse driver too!

Speaking of the X11 video driver, I plan to have a neat trick available to demo at XDevConf later this week. 🙂