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Maemo Weather has a new home!

Two posts in one day, must be on a roll…

Marius Gedminas asked why my GWeather port wasn’t on the new Maemo Garage site and there isn’t a good reason, so I’ve rectified that situation. I’ve uploaded the current source to svn along with the necessary patches for IT2006/Maemo 2.0 support. Marius was able to get the home-page applet working – which I’d have trouble with, and his changes are in there too.

I still need to do a bit more testing and clean up on the home-page applet code before making the full 0.7 release.

I’ve also decided to rename the package from ‘gweather-maemo’ to ‘mweather’ (short for Maemo Weather) so that the naming is more consistent and less verbose. I’ll try and remember to add an ‘Obsoletes’ entry to the deb control file. :-)

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