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Open Source VMware Guest Tools

So, I’ve mentioned these before but Dan Williams’ blog post about SET_NETDEV_DEV in the vmxnet driver clearly tells me I need to try and publicise these more. Back in September last year we open-sourced the Linux and BSD guest tools – including all the kernel drivers. So, if you found a problem in a driver (or any other part of the tools), you have an avenue for discussion and for submitting patches at the tools web page. Or you can just go there to get the latest version – and it happens to be the case that SET_NETDEV_DEV support has been there for a while (Workstation 6.0.x is a comparatively old codebase). So, hopefully Dan reads this (couldn’t find a way to post comments) and can go and get the latest version which fixes his problem. I guess today’s question is: If things change for the better and you don’t notice, did anything really change at all?

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