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Bluetooth DUN in packaged form for N900

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working on packaging up my bluetooth dun script for easy consumption. It’s been through a few iterations and is now in the ‘extras-testing’ repository and should be ready to go into the main ‘extras’ repository once it has enough testing feedback.

The extras-testing repository is not intended for un-adventurous users, but if you’re interested in getting my package, it’s the place to go to. In the latest version, it will correct start the service when you install the package, and shut it down when you remove it. The actual upstart script hasn’t needed to change since I fixed the dependency issue.

And on an unrelated note, there’s now a way to reliably trigger the portrait mode ‘hack’ – if you want to try out portrait mode browsing, etc. You can find that here.

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