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{ Category Archives } The wonderful world of GNOME…

Jumping on the 770 bandwagon

Well, I think it’s time for me to join in the fun. My 770 showed up on monday, despite the complete lack of email from the fullfillment company; but I’ll take underpromise/overdeliver over the alternative any day :-)

Are you ready to take the autostart challenge?

Now, here’s one for the masochistic types out there: As far as I can tell, there is no way to for an application to be installed such that it will startup as part of every user’s session the next time they log in to GNOME. Mark can probably tell me if this is absolutely true or not, but if there’s a way, I can’t find it.

So much for that idea

Wherein Phil learns that there really was an easy fix.

Caleb will love me for this…

Caleb, I’m sure you’re less than enthused about seeing that bug now mentioned a third time by me, but what can you expect? :-)

The future of Galeon

After meeting with Crispin and Tommi at the Boston Summit, we reached a decision on the future of Galeon…

Heads up about librsvg 2.12.x

Current librsvg 2.12.x releases have a bug that causes them to crash when encountering gaussian blur elements.