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VMware and the 770

As Christian points out, the final 1.0 release of the VMware Player went out last week. His blog gives a good description of it, so I won’t repeat all that here.

I will, however, point out this, where Zack suggests that anyone wanting to do 770 developement on windows grab the Player and the Browser Appliance VM and just install the Maemo SDK inside it; I’d like to second that suggestion, for obvious reasons.

In fact, the next logical step is to have a VM with the SDK already installed and configured. Anything that lowers the barrier to entry for developers is a good thing. Tommi, any chance of you guys putting one of these together? I’m pretty sure you’ve got a Workstation licence. :-)

On the subject of the 770, I’ve been continuing work on my port of gweather which is now at version 0.4 (with working icons!). Also, I’m very happy to report that my libgweather refactoring has now been merged to HEAD after Davyd and James reviewed it. I’m really looking forward to James’ GObjectification and HTTPResource rewrite of the libgweather internals – hopefully auto-connect will start working on the 770 after that :-)

Update: Fixed a mangled tag.
Update: Turns out I had at least 2 1/2 mangled tags…

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