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Nokia 770 casting?

So, I was listening to the BBC Go Digital show on the drive home from work just now and they were going on about Podcasting as they are wont to do, and I thought to myself: The 770 is an interesting little device – it’s both capable of being a podcast device and a podcast downloader. You’ve got fast wifi access and if you stick a 1gb MMC card in there, enough space for a respectable collection. And, of course, it’s got decent audio output capabilities. Now, this is not a unique combination – most modern PDAs will qualify too – but I think we’ll all agree it’s cooler than a WinCE PDA :-)

So, the first step is someone needs to port, or write, a suitable podcast manager for the little fellow. A little thought is required here, because I imagine that many people would still download stuff on their desktops and transfer them over – so you want to keep your subscriptions and such in sync. A simple way would be to store that information on the MMC card so that a desktop manager could sync it when you plug the 770 in.

Anyway, food for thought. I still intend to tackle gweather first, so if you’re looking for a My-First-Maemo-Applicaition(tm)… :-)

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