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My work on the SD/MMC Linux subsystem

Slackware Linux 12.0 on the Dell XPS m1330

I’ve just written an article about running Linux on the Dell XPS m1330 laptop. It’s long and should have lasting value (I hope!) so I didn’t type it into this blog entry. Instead it’s available here. The quick summary is that I think it’s a great laptop and Linux runs really well on it. Bravo […]

Updated kernel for maemo 3.2 (4.2007.26)

I managed to find a few minutes and put together the promised patch series for the latest n800 firmware. This series adds support for MMC 4.x wide-bus support and restores 48MHz highspeed support. I did some basic testing with my n800 and confirmed that transfer speeds are now back to what they were with my […]

Missing MMC/SD features in the latest n800 kernel

As promised last weekend, here are the results of my investigations into the latest kernel in the 2007.26-8 kernel. As I previously observed, the transfer speed is capped at 24MHz even though the device is capable of operating at 48MHz. This cuts the maximum transfer rate of high-speed SD and MMC cards. Apparently this was […]

Latest n800 firmware includes SDHC support

I’ve been on holiday for the last week and a half, so I missed the firmware update while I was away, but I’m sure most of you are aware that a new firmware for the n800 is out and that is includes SDHC support. This means that you don’t need a custom kernel with my […]

SDHC kernel for maemo 3.1 (3.2007.10)

Unsurprisingly, people have been pretty anxious to get an updated SDHC enabled kernel for the latest n800 firmware release…

Updated SDHC/MMC4 enabled kernel for the n800

Since my last post with my updated n800 kernel, I’ve spent some time looking at a troublesome MMC card – it’s a Transcend 4GB MMCplus card…

n800 MMC 4/SDHC enabled kernel

Alright then. As promised earlier, I’ve got a pre-built replacement kernel for the n800 which adds support for MMC 4 and SDHC cards.

High Capacity SD and MMC support

In our last episode, I talked about how I was planning to add support for SDHC cards to Linux, and I’m happy to report that Pierre has accepted my changes into his tree and pushed them out to -mm; hopefully they’ll be in mainline for 2.6.21.

Performs best when used with Linux

When it comes to hardware support, we often find ourselves confronted with statements that such-and-such a piece of hardware can’t be used to its full capability under linux or feature ‘X’ isn’t supported yet…