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So much for that idea

Wherein Phil learns that there really was an easy fix.

Caleb will love me for this…

Caleb, I’m sure you’re less than enthused about seeing that bug now mentioned a third time by me, but what can you expect? 🙂

Packaging up a Virtual Machine

Packaging up a virtual machine is trivial to the first approximation; just tar up the directory.

Workstation 5 on SuSE 10. *sigh*

Workstation 5.0’s kernel module source won’t compile working modules on SuSE 10. Workstation 5.5 works great but our website is letting us down.

VMs for everyone!

Today we announced the VMware Player – it’s free, so go check it out!

Heads up about librsvg 2.12.x

Current librsvg 2.12.x releases have a bug that causes them to crash when encountering gaussian blur elements.

That’s quite a view you’ve got there

As a happy coincidence, on the same day that GNOME 2.12 is being released, we’ve managed to get everything sorted out over here to push out the initial release of VIEW, VMware’s Incredibly Exciting Widgets; so named by Christian without a hint of irony. Honest. 🙂

GtkEventBox abuse…

Good news! I’ve now got a satisfactory alternative for controlling the background colour that makes gtk-qt-engine happy, along with a couple of other pathological themes.

Which of these things look like all the others…

gnome-settings-daemon has been tamed, but gtk-qt-engine has stepped up to take it’s place…

And not all 32s are equal…

Yep, still got time to kill, so I’ll tell a story. This is the story of what it takes to ship a gtk+ 2.4 based application that will run on RedHat Linux 7.2 out of the box.