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Compiz and task switching with style

I was showing Alex compiz in action today and when he saw the scale plugin (the exposé-like plugin), he said that one thing he really wished that OSX did was implement alt-tab switching with exposé…

So that’s what those extra pins are for…

While I’m here, I might as well mention a completely unrelated thing I’ve been doing. In the last couple of weeks, Pierre Ossman has got his SDHCI driver into very good shape and he’s about to submit it for kernel inclusion. SDHCI is a mostly undocumented, but very real, standard for SD card controllers which […]

gphotofs 0.1

I’ve rolled out a 0.1 release. There’s no big new feature, but it works quite a bit better than the previous one. You can still only read files and delete them but now deletes are not ridiculously slow and it won’t ignore errors from libgphoto2. So, all in all, it’s a very usable release.

libgphoto2 based FUSE filesystem

I finally caved in and bought myself a digital camera, which happens to be a Canon Ixus 55. It’s all nice and shiny but it doesn’t support the USB Mass Storage class, which means I need to use libgphoto2 based tools to interact with it. So…

VMware and the 770

As Christian points out, the final 1.0 release of the VMware Player went out last week. His blog gives a good description of it, so I won’t repeat all that here. I will, however, point out this, where Zack suggests that anyone wanting to do 770 developement on windows grab the Player and the Browser Appliance VM just install the Maemo SDK inside it

GWeather-maemo 0.1

Another day, another update. And today there’s a new release as well.

More GWeather on 770 progress

Today, I contined my porting of GWeather to Maemo. I don’t have a happy bundled package to throw up right now, but I’m happy with today’s progress.

Nokia 770 casting?

So, I was listening to the BBC Go Digital show on the drive home from work just now and they were going on about Podcasting as they are wont to do, and I thought to myself: The 770 is an interesting little device…

Jumping on the 770 bandwagon

Well, I think it’s time for me to join in the fun. My 770 showed up on monday, despite the complete lack of email from the fullfillment company; but I’ll take underpromise/overdeliver over the alternative any day :-)

England win the Ashes!

I was about 10 years old the last time we won the Ashes and hadn’t started paying attention to cricket at that point so, for many years, if you’d asked me when was the last time we’d won, I’d probably have replied that it was in the 19th century :-)