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{ Category Archives } The wonderful world of GNOME…

gphotofs write support

So, Marcin Kulik provided a diff that should add write support to gphotofs…

Ubuntu & Vmware Player

So, jdub beat me to the punch on mentioning this – which I’ll blame on him having the unfair advantage of knowing exactly when the final Dapper release was made. :-)

Sawfish users are people too

I happen to be one of those strange people who still stubbornly uses sawfish, despite its minimally maintained state. Now is not a good time to be using an unmaintained window manager if you’re not prepared to get your hands dirty, what with all the eye candy developements as of late.

Another new GWeather 770 interface

Kalle made a very good point about the problems with the two pane view; I have what I hope is a better idea that still avoids additional dialogs.

The new GWeather 770 interface

Haven’t posted an update in a while, and haven’t written about my gweather work in an even longer time. Over the last few weeks, as time allowed, I’ve been implementing a proper interface for gweather on the 770.

gphotofs 0.1

I’ve rolled out a 0.1 release. There’s no big new feature, but it works quite a bit better than the previous one. You can still only read files and delete them but now deletes are not ridiculously slow and it won’t ignore errors from libgphoto2. So, all in all, it’s a very usable release.

libgphoto2 based FUSE filesystem

I finally caved in and bought myself a digital camera, which happens to be a Canon Ixus 55. It’s all nice and shiny but it doesn’t support the USB Mass Storage class, which means I need to use libgphoto2 based tools to interact with it. So…

GWeather-maemo 0.1

Another day, another update. And today there’s a new release as well.

GWeather for the 770!

So, I decided that I would take the opportunity presented by the thanksgiving weekend to start work on my port of GWeather to Maemo and the Nokia 770. And I’m pleased to announce that I’ve got something that you can actually run, even if it’s not particuarly usable right now.

Nokia 770 casting?

So, I was listening to the BBC Go Digital show on the drive home from work just now and they were going on about Podcasting as they are wont to do, and I thought to myself: The 770 is an interesting little device…